The Silver Lake Chess Festival 2022 took place from 19-26th June, 2022, at the Silver Lake “Sports hall” and “Great hall” of Danubia Park Hotel. The Organizing Committee prepared a rich programme for all ages and playing levels: Open “A” tournament (for players rated over 2100 FIDE), Open “B” tournament (for players rated under 2200 FIDE) and Blitz FIDE rated tournament.

IM Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh from India won the main A tournament as he had better tiebreak criteria than IM Raymond Song from Chinese Taipei. Both players scored 7 points to tie for the first place and share the money prize according to the Hort system. GM Titas Stremavicius and IM Alex Krstulovic shared the third place.

As many as four players tied for the top of the B event scoring 7 points, each: FM Miodrag Jevtic, 16-year-old Dimitrios Stoimenidis, FM Dragan Dinic and Mario Brankovan. Tiebreaks criteria determined Jevtic as the Winner of the event, Stoimenidis claimed second place, Dinic was third and Brankovan fourth.

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Report courtesy of Chessdom